1. Al Gromer Khan
    Munich, Germany
  2. Anando
    Byron Bay, Australia
  3. Ashik
  4. Chinmaya Dunster
    Auckland, New Zealand
  5. Hans Christian
    Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  6. Kamal
  7. Manish Vyas
  8. Namaste
    Peterborough, UK
  9. Naren
    Laguna Beach, California
  10. Parijat
    Cologne, Germany
  11. RASA
    Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  12. Sheela Bringi
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Terry Oldfield
    Palmwoods, Australia


New Earth Records Boulder, Colorado

For more than two decades, New Earth Records has brought visionary music to enhance the well-being of audiences worldwide. Committed to spiritual enrichment, a healthy lifestyle and an eco-conscious future, New Earth features a number of albums designed specifically to accompany relaxation, meditation, yoga and the healing arts. ... more

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